Hey guys thx for visiting our Sci Fi Sky Ronin website, we are currently working on new ideas and we hold off posting until the copyrights go through but please keep coming back to see what we are working on next!

We have Sci Fi Futuristic Armor we are working on and we are always working on new full helmet and top frontal mask ideas for movie props, cosplay, airsoft and paintball use! We are doing our best to make sure every helmet or sci fi mask we make is somehow intercooled!

We do not sell Ballistic Helmets like the Devtac Ronin or Dev Ronin, our helmets are purely for the Sci Fi and Futuristic helmet enthusiast who wishes to have the most realistic looking and sci fi aesthetic experience in a functional impact resistant helmet, our lenses are made from real paintball/airsoft lenses and our cooling system is the top of the industry there is nothing that compares. Never fog again!

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